About 8 months ago i decided to use the Smooth Regimen, Redefine Eye Cream & Lash Boost system. I used the system for about 20 days; up to day 9 i had fabulous results; my face looked great, but then one day i got a rash all the day down right side of face from forehead to neck.

Beauty guide told me to cut back on use; but this was normal & an adjustment period. I had cut back for a couple days and then started again. By day 15 or so again my face looked flawless and i was happy, then i started breaking out which isnt normal for me. Guide told me to cut back again.

I at no point ever saw my eyes/crows feet/under eyes improve but had seen hopes with my face. The problem (ie why i bought it) was because of very slight rosecea or red cheeks and when my skin looked great with the product id see no red but then id have bad days involving the mentioned rashes and breakouts. Some days my redness was worse than it had ever been in my life. I was having strong doubts of this product, but on day 22, though my lashboost had been making around my eyes red my guide convinced me it was normal and itd go away, same thing had happened to her.

But this night, i put the lashboost in my eyebrow; i had been overplucking for years and trying to get those new modern thicker eyebrows, was working well but thought id boost it up. I had been working hard at it/not *** etc. I had only used the lashboost in brows like 3x, but when i woke up the next morning after day 22 on day 23, a thin strip (in the pattern i applied it in) was missing out of middle of both my eyebrows, no redness, no nothing, except missing hair; smooth skin like it had been waxed; im pretty sure i got a chemical burn. It is now 8 months+ later, and I still cannot grow eyebrow hair in that center strip!

I cant go swimming, shower, or leave the house without filling in my eyebrows. When i forget, i get comments! The pics dont do it justice, its bad, both eyebrows affected. Im italian, i grow hair quickly and thick, this is not normal or a typical problem for me.

No hair at all has regrown in the 8 months, still feels smooth, no folicules can be seen, no small hairs, nothing! Im so lucky i didnt lose my eyelashes!!

Idk why it attacked my brows, but I immedietely was done with product, returned everything for full refund. Picture is of today after the 8 months

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Good thing they have a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee you can take advantage of. No products will agree with every person.I’ve had reactions to many products over the years. Never anything by R+F thankfully because their eye cream has been a lifesaver!Good luck to you.


No questions? For real?

It took me months to get my refund back from the 60 day guarantee. And the 60 days is more like 45 days from the day it was ordered, not revived or opened and started use.


You're getting scammed by their $60 eye cream.So many better products out there for 1/2 as much and 1/2 the chemicals


So so disappointed in Rodan & Fields!! I have tried to like it for 2 years now but I do NOT see any difference in my skin!

Tried Sooth, Redefine and also the Reverse. I have NOT seen any fabulous results. But what really makes me upset is the lash boost. My eyelids are so sparse now after using it since June.

Looked awesome the first 4 months and now its like my eyelashes are rejecting it and they are falling out. So DISAPPOINTED


chemical chemicals for profits.


But lash boost isn’t supposed to be used on eyebrows. Sorry that happened but always use as directed.


The website says you CAN use it on your eyebrows. #6 under "usage notes": Continue using Lash Boost nightly after desired results are achieved to maintain lash condition.

Can also be applied to eyebrows to help improve their appearance. Eyebrows may take up to 8 weeks to see results.


And I have seen consultants promote using it on brows in social media. So....


Oh yes you most certainly can use it on your eyebrows. And it states that!!

This is all so full of baloney!! So disappointed in lash boost because my eyelashes have also started to fall out!


Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Very scary.

There is no accountability or liability because of the pyramid.

It does not much help about the “doctors” because you are not their patient. No one is. Like what is that about?

Good thing you got out.

And not worse.We can just say thank you.

Suggest going and seeing a lawyer. There may be more to do?

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