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Totally worth the investment. Use sparingly and you won't have any issues.

If you're having problems, you're using too much. One swipe at night. It's so easy. My eyelashes have never looked so amazing.

I get compliments all the time! Now that I have my desired length, I use once a week to maintain. It will be a year in November since I first began using Lash Boost and I have no plans of stopping. Keep in mind - just like going to the gym, getting your hair cut, colored, etc, or getting a manicure, Lash Boost TOO requires maintenance.

Do you think you're going to continue having beautiful, long, healthy, nourished lashes when you're not using the product??

Are you just as toned and strong after avoiding the gym for several months??? Use your brain, friends...

Review about: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Reverse regimen, Redefine regimen, Lash boost, Active hydration serum, Multifunction eye cream.

I didn't like: People bad mouthing a product they have never tried, Assumptions.

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So you seem happy? Good.

Go to a real store and buy this for 4 to 5 times less.

Why not?


I am using the product for 3 months now, my lashes grow , but it's itchy every morning when I was my face,and also my eyes are getting dark spots, in my lids, so I am worries now. Help!

to Brenda #1374937

Brenda stop using it. Itchy eyes is not a good thing. Toss it out asap

to Anonymous #1374977

My eyes became itchy too and very swollen.

to Brenda #1435669

Hi, my sister bought the kit and let me have the lash boost. I used as directed but also began having very itchy eye lids.

I think some people are very sensitive to some of the ingredients because I've read this is happening to other women. The directions say to stop using if itching occurs so I stopped.

Just wanted to let you know it happened to me too, but they did grow. I used the serum for a little over a month.


Umm, your glowing post clearly shows that you are at 60 Spear Street in SF which just happens to be R&F's headquarters. Apparently YOU are the one that needs to start using your brain to figure out how to post without your address showing. Does any at your company have any clue what they are doing?

to Anonymous #1371660

What an idiot!!

to Anonymous #1400640

Actually not. It is a way to find out what people are saying in an underhanded way.

Another lie?


Hahaha! Hilarious post!

You wouldn't happen to sell it would you? Seems the only ones that promote it just so happen to sell it. Tell your story to like-minded people.

The gig is up, no one is falling for it. You might want to read up about what your involved in (consider checking out sources that aren't written by people getting paid or selling it)


R&F Scripts (any legit company wouldn't need all of this)

Straight from a site.

"In advance of calling to telling someone in your warm market about your new business:

Identify several reasons why you think they could help you in your business:

Savvy business woman with a lot of contacts

Fun out going person with tons of friends Church, community, job This will validate why you thought of them so you could genuinely say, Id love to have your opinion, I need your feedback.A) Hey, Susan, whatcha doing its Donna. Do you have a couple of minutes?

Yes ~ Great! I just want to call and tell you about my new business. Im SO excited. Pause and wait for her to ask you.

What new business? Everyone will ask. Thanks for asking, I want everyone who knows and loves me to know what Im doing. Ive partnered with Dr.

Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who created Proactiv. They revolutionized the treatment of acne which made them billionaires. They have now turned their attention to the 3 Billion $ Aging skincare market.

If were breathing, were aging. Heres why I am calling you. Susan, you are one of the savviest, well connected people I know. You probably have 2,000 friends on Facebook!

All I want to do is to grab coffee with you, catch up and tell you what Im doing. I think you could be a huge connector for me. You never know when somebody might say to you. Ive gotta go back to work.

I need to do something part time to help out. Im getting ready to retire and I dont know how Im going to pay the bills Susan, Im only looking for people who are looking for me. And God knows, in this economy, just about everybody is stretched. Set appointment to meet by saying, What does your week look like next week?

Surely we could grab coffee or a glass of wine after work. Appointment set GREAT! Meanwhile, Im going to send you a 3 minute video of The Doctors. I cant wait to see you, Susan, its been way too long!

Bring your iPad with pictures. (personalize the appointment in a chatty way. - there is way more but it sounds an awful like you are fishing for sellers. Where do any of these scripts discuss the actual product knowledge.

Not one goes over the ingredients, proper usage, side effects etc... instead its recruit! Income disclosure reveals that you don't make money in this business. Correction, most people don't, those that are really good at manipulating others to buy in seem to be the company's prized possessions.

Take your phony 4.9 review that doesn't even talk about a product out of here. What exactly did the last two people review?Nothing just trying to life the dismal 2.2 rating with artificial 4.9 ratings.


While we are sharing what we like and don't like--I don't like people that don't read thoroughly. The people that have "bad-mouthed" the product, actually have tried the product and have experienced:

--red, itchy, irritation

--lashes falling out, sometimes in clumps

--hair growth on cheeks/face

--painful styes--some that need to be lanced

--infections that require antibiotics Most complaints actually state that the product did work for them at first and that they had great results after 6-8 weeks.

It was after this, that many of the above problems happen, and that was with continual use. So, they did try it. For someone that doesn't like "assumptions"-- you are doing a heck of a lot of it yourself without taking the time to read all of the complaints about it.

So, you can thank me later---here they all are for you to read. All it took was a simple Google search to pull them all together; https://rodan-and-fields.pissedconsumer.com/rodan-and-fields-lash-boost-serum-37045/reviews/RT-CP.html Next time, use your brain...


You win most ridiculous post of the day contest. Go spread this nonsense to your team of lemmings.

Many people have voiced their medical issues here after very limited use. And, DOCTORS have supported that this drug is damaging their faces. My guess is you have failed at many similar endeavors and are hoping to make lots of money here. R&F reports that most consultants fail.

More than 90% make less than $5k a year.

The last time I checked my kids make more cutting lawns and babysitting. Most who have gotten involved in MLMs leave with more debt and less friends than when they started.

to Anonymous #1400646

Yes, consultants will prob spend about about $1,000 a month to all this.

Multiply that out.

Randf had to discontinue their selling their products through the regular channels. The real story is another eye opener.

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