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I am completely dumbfounded that people actually buy into the social media before and after pictures of the consultants! Are they on {{Redacted}}?!

Half the pics look like they are different people in the 'afters' they post! Of course the consultants will tell you it's because the products are so spectacular, they make you look that different. Don't buy this BS for a second! Those pics are altered , camouflaged, touched up and made to have a startling reaction.

Stay far from this company and don't get sucked in and burned!

Nothing but chemicals, sulfate and less than superior ingredients that only make your skin look worse over time. Run don't walk!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Haha. Most of the after pictures the consultants had Botox and cosmetic surgery.

It’s quite hilarious that people believe in the products. The consultants get rich by scamming friends then they use all that money for cosmetic surgery.


I have been using the products for 10 days and have had amazing results so far. I am not a consultant.

I have seen pics in exact same lighting that show results. Any that look blurred out, obviously can't be trusted. I am thrilled with my results so far, despite the chemicals in the products. I was using all natural, vegan products before and was not happy with the results.

It got to the point I wanted to inject fillers and Botox. Which has more chemicals than the face washes and creams.

People have to choose what they can live with and what they can't. Did the person leaving this terrible review even try the products?


Yes, the photos are manipulated. Lighting is low in the before pics, and high in the after pics.

Other manipulation tricks are used. They deny it, but it's true.

I hate that one of my near and dear is an RD salesperson. Or rather, recruiter, since they make more money recruiting people to sell for them than they do actually selling stuff.


I have friends selling this stuff and seeing their before and after pictures. The after pictures all have make up on, when the before pictures have no make up. Then you might see them in a random photo and see that nothing has changed.....except their checkbooks!




I have been using Rodan and fields redefine for 3 months and I see not one bit of difference. I think this is a overpriced rip off.

I’m switching to skin cueticals.

Now this works! Pricy but very effective.


Yes you should!! I’ve been using Skinceuticals for 10+ years and it’s worth every penny.

I have never done RF but I don’t see any difference in the people’s skin who do use it!

There’s nothing but chemicals and garbage in RF products...drying alcohols, etc. Skinceuticals is among the best backed by science , doctors , research and dermatologists who actually know what they’re doing!!


What are you trying to improve? The redefine is going to improve your skin texture and properly moisturize.

If you are looking at reducing wrinkles I recommend the Intensive renewing serum. That works best with the roller, but it also works without. It firms your skin. My favorite is the acute care strips.

OMG works overnight. Just an fyi, only buy from a consultant.

Skincare and makeup has an expiration date and we do not hold product it ships overnight. If you bought from a consultant you can return the Redefine for a refund within 60 days.


Sorry BF. The strength of ingredients in the RF products is not strong enough to make any difference.

It’s the same as buying drugstore products. The only way to get a prescription strength formula in quality skincare products is to buy from a dermatologist. Period. And that roller is the biggest joke ever.

If anything you’ll cause infection in your skin from the roller and then you have bigger problems. Stay away from RF, so many better products out there!!


Those R+F rollers are masochistic, potentially unhygienic, and unnecessary-as a good serum should be able to penetrate the skin without it being cut up first. Now, if I was to submit to dermarolling, I’d want to follow up with a really good serum and I certainly wouldn’t want anything nasty in it that that my punctured skin would be receptive to.

The serum that Rodan + Fields sells with Anti-Age Amp MD kit has as its very first ingredient one that may cause mild skin irritation, cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone. Generally, silicone molecules are too large to enter the surface of the skin and, as is the case with cyclopentasiloxane (in vitro tests show that less than 2% penetrates the skin). But what of skin that has been subjected to Amp MD?

Unfortunately, silicone, when it enters the body, can be toxic, according to the Journal of Toxicology and other sources. None of these consultants are aestheticians or they would never hock this garbage.




Surprise, um Rollers work without any chemicals...been used for like 3 thousand years


Yeah let's rip our face apart and puncture the skin with little holes so we get infections (serious eye roll here!) Bottom line, awesome products will penetrate the skin without puncturing it! If you want, see a professional dermatologist to get microdermabrasion!!


I have used 3 different products of R&F a family member sells them so I wanted to support this person. the products didnt work.

I never asked for my $$ back. Sorry, it just doesnt work.

too much $$ for something worthless. I do admit that their Proactive products do work, I ordered them for a teenager years ago that completely took his acne away.


Absolutely true! I caught an image being posted.

The large mole above the woman’s lip disappeared in the after picture. She claims it just got really light.

Nope that mole was gone. Either photo edit or make up or both.


As a consultant that was quite skeptical of trying the products, let alone joining this biz, and who had horribly embarrassing sun damage prior to having done either, I can assure you that R+F before and after pictures are not FAKE! I know my pictures are not FAKE!

My skin has never looked better! And at now 46 years old I can confidently go without makeup and be happy with how my skin looks!

@Krista Davis

Another typical RF line...'my skin has never looked better'...blah, blah, blah.Tell me which website you pulled this RF script from?! BS B&F's rant altered. Keeping telling yourself that ...eye roll

@Krista Davis

Yes, well stop using for 60days and the, see how much your matural skin will have aged?You do not get how it works on you?


If I could post my photos on here, I would. I've never altered a photo.

I can't say that others haven't but for many of us, we've had outstanding results so those customers or consultants wouldn't need to alter anything. Products can't work for 100% of people.

Meds are the same way. I have never had anything change my skin as much as these products have which is why I became a consultant.

@Holli M

Amen! I use r+f and I can totally see a difference!

I love their products.

My results are probably why all my neighbors and friends use it to! I dont have to use it, I do because I love it!!!!