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I am completely dumbfounded that people actually buy into the social media before and after pictures of the consultants!Are they on {{Redacted}}?!

Half the pics look like they are different people in the 'afters' they post! Of course the consultants will tell you it's because the products are so spectacular, they make you look that different. Don't buy this BS for a second! Those pics are altered , camouflaged, touched up and made to have a startling reaction.

Stay far from this company and don't get sucked in and burned!

Nothing but chemicals, sulfate and less than superior ingredients that only make your skin look worse over time.Run don't walk!!

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If I could post my photos on here, I would.I've never altered a photo.

I can't say that others haven't but for many of us, we've had outstanding results so those customers or consultants wouldn't need to alter anything. Products can't work for 100% of people.

Meds are the same way.I have never had anything change my skin as much as these products have which is why I became a consultant.


The pics look like the women had a full facelift. Creams don't work like that.


Not my experience at all. My friends and I all look amazing since starting our R+F products.

to Alison Cunningham #1428065

Amazing in your dreams. You’ll have wrinkly creapy old skin before you know it. Those chemicals will make you age beyond your years eventually


Exec cons GUARANTEE to randf an income spent min $1,000.


Actually you are completely wrong !Consultants are under strict guidelines about before and after pictures they post and I can assure you the images are not altered.

I’m sorry you think that!!The results are 100% real!!!

to Rhonda209 #1392353

Go back to drinking the RF koolaid .

You must be a consultant with a typical line ...’ I can assure you’...please.Those pictures are not regulated!

Even facial bone structures are different in the before and afters!Lol on credibility!!

to Rhonda209 #1392401

Not!Since when do MLM's follow strict guidelines?

Any legit business model would ensure that that they do not false advertise, but your whole set up allows for it to happen because corporate gets to quickly disassociate themselves when you're caught. "Oh, sorry, she was an independent consultant (code for unemployed) and doesn't represent the company" It's a joke. Most guidelines that do exist are seldom enforced which is why sites like this are very important.

I'm glad you continue to show the level of either willful ignorance or purposeful deception.Either way, its you that are completely wrong.

to Rhonda209 #1392402

"If you want truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it; but if you want a lie to go round the world, it will fly; it is as light as a feather, and a breath will carry it.It is well said in the old Proverb, ‘A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on."

This is MLM in a nutshell!

In this case, it's the breath of 180,000 consultants which carry this lie.

People aren't being negative, they're being truthful.It's sad that it's met with such resistance!

to Rhonda209 #1392410

Guidelines are not strict--rules are strict.Guidelines are more like suggestions...which is exactly why the consultants do what they do, and are instructed or learn from other consultants and their UL how to to "market" --which is basically to stretch the truth on FB and other social media.

That same consultant "guidebook" also states that you can't talk about financial rewards, tax write offs, cars, trips or promises of luxury lifestyles, "retiring" their spouse from their jobs and the like--but I have seen oodles of Rodan and Fields reps do this--and they are talked to about these lifestyles of luxury on training calls and sales training trips.

They aren't' real-bc every single person that I know that has sold it looks exactly the same as before, sometimes worse.

But their before and after pictures, I see a smoother face, fewer wrinkles and freckle-less skin.But in person, they still look the same--but maybe even worse--tired and haggered even, because it takes a lot of work to con people and keep up the façade of success, while hiding your overstocking personal sales on your newly opened credit card that you spouse doesn't know about.

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