I was supposed to get an email 5 days prior to the order shipping. Well, twice in the last year that didn't happen and R&F just sends the last order you placed.

I received the email that my order had been placed when I didn't want another order. I called immediately and was told they could "try" to reroute the order back to them and "if" they could I would be reimbursed. If they could not reroute it I would have to send it back and only after they received it would they reimburse me! I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes trying to get someone to help me cancel this order.

A supervisor finally said they would cancel it but it would be 3 to 5 business days for a refund. I am done with this Company! It's not worth the hassle and it's very expensive with little results.

I've used it over a year and truly do not see a difference. I will never get a product that involves auto-shipping again - it's horrible!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Had same issue.


I have had a similar experience and was double charged. Check your bills carefully


I have the same problem and I never consented to auto shipping...


It sounds like you did not manage your account correctly, or your consultant did not know what he/she was doing. You have the option to delay your order.

You are NEVER required to place an order every 60 days.

Sorry you had this experience.


If you were not seeing results then why did you use the products for a whole year?


You are a creeper trolling the complaint site!! Ever heard of Amway or maybe even Jim Jones!!! Save your $ and get a shrink before you end up on My Strange Addictions!!


Seriously? You've got to be kidding!

When you sign up for an auto-ship YOU the customer is responsible for making sure YOU WANT THAT OR YOU DON'T. And here's the deal with most auto-ship. You don't get to control or manage your own account. HOWEVER, WITH RODAN + FIELDS YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN AUTO-SHIP ACCOUNT YOURSELF.

YOU MANAGE IT BECAUSE YOU SET YOUR OWN ACCOUNT UP ONLINE AND YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF IT. SO, that means when you don't want an order all you have to do is go online to your own account that you set up yourself and click on 1 simple little button that says EDIT MY ORDER and YOU EDIT IT TO DELAY SHIPPING FOR HOWEVER LONG YOU WANT TO DELAY IT. And if you don't ever want to receive anything again from the company you simply select the little button that says DELETE MY ACCOUNT and it's over! You're done!

Out of the system. No more orders. No more charges. No more shipments.

SIMPLE! SIMPLE! It doesn't get any easier or any better than that! As a customer of Rodan + Fields I know what I signed up for and I know what I am getting and what I am responsible for and honestly when I read *** like your complaint it irritates me to no end because it's people like you who can't even manage a simple little account YOU set up and YOU agreed to and YOU decided to enroll into, and YOU can't even click a button so that YOU can be satisfied with the company that is only doing what YOU asked them to do!

Really? Good grief. Whether or not you received an email which if you didn't could have been the fault of your email provider. Did you check your spam mail?

Did you check your trash file? Did you check other areas in your email account that it could have been sent to by your email provider? The reminders are set up on an automated system. Do you know how many customers and consultants a company like Rodan and Fields has?

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS EVERY MONTH and THEY ARE GROWING FASTER THAN MOST COMPANIES IN BUSINESS RIGHT NOW. I read the newspapers. I see the reports on the news and I get it that this company is exploding in growth and you know why? BECAUSE OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

That's why. I just heard a report recently that said this company has grown far beyond any projections at this point. In fact, I saw a media report from a major news report that said this company grow more than 106% last year in 2014 and that was more than all other premium skincare companies COMBINED. Including Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, and any others in the high end beauty industry.

COMBINED. ALL OF THEM COMBINED didn't grow near what Rodan and Fields did on their own. SO, what does that tell you? There's got to be a whole lot of happy, satisfied customers out there and your complaint is 1 out of less than a handful a year that they had had.

Why don't you put the blame where it belongs. IT'S YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOU ARE THE BLAME IF YOU GOT SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T WANT TO GET. YOU DIDN'T EDIT OR PAUSE OR CANCEL OR DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT AND THAT'S ON YOU! The company should be PO'd at you and people like you but instead they tried to do everything they could to take care of your lack of responsibility and even then what do you do?

You can't click a button to edit your own account but you can get on a site like this and complain even after they took care of you and your ridiculous complaint. Ridiculous because YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS INSTEAD OF EXPECTING EVERYONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU! Try being in business and you'll get a bad taste of your own medicine.

How much easier do you expect a company to make it on their customers? I don't know what else they could have done!


You sound like you're working for them by answering all of the hate emails. Did they pay you extra for all those capital letters?


I also just got an auto order thingy in my email and was SURPRISED. I think everyone is entitled to the concept of making an oversight mistake in terms of setting up one's own account properly.

It would appear to be an expectation with R&F?

Had no idea - lived and learned. That would be my mistake if I have not stopped this automatic re-sending of my last order. I have been ordering for eons through various sites, and not a single organization re-sends me my same order. Granted, Apple isn't necessarily going to send me another Otterbox, but certainly groceries could be resent - have never had anybody resend my same order nor even suggest it via email alert.

So I was definitely surprised and am in the process of rectifying this situation. I was sad and a bit alarmed by some of the responses to someone's initial complaint, in the same boat as me --- my honest opinion of this practice of automatic shipping is that it's cheeky.


Allow me to offer a little more information what is involved in "delaying" your shipment. I set up a reminder in my calendar to go in one MONTH before my auto ship during the holiday season due to the fact that I do like the product but had to save on funds for presents....first, once I purchased, I changed my password, my credit card info was with my account....that was problem #1, as the rep kept saying she could no longer "monitor" my account....odd? I never received emails alerting me of upcoming shipments....I only found out I was receiving an order AFTER my CC was charged....luckily I had printed out the screen showing what day I went on....HERE ARE THE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DELAY:

My account-Change my PC Perks-Change date-Delay or cancel, HIT DELAY-change my Auto Ship-go back into EDIT ACCOUNT to make sure the date showing is the next month's AND PRINT OUT THAT PAGE SHOWING THE FOLLOWING MONTH AS THE NEXT SHIPMENT DATE....LAST, to cancel, I tried it twice, never received an email confirmation...it was not until I emailed the rep, who once again advised me she did not have access to my account because I changed my password, that she finally emailed me and said she "saw" my cancellation............lesson learned, no matter how thorough I tried to be in delaying my order, it was quite a hassle........I do like the product but feel that the company should just removed the auto ship feature...


Holy kookoo bird!!! Glad I checked out this site!

I needed verbal ammo for the Kool-Aid drinkers I know! This wackadoodle is going on every complaint and attempting to use the force!!!

Maybe there is a chemical in the produce like the Joker used in Gotham!! Makes them craYcraY


Dear expert - Can you please give me detailed instructions on how to do this? I will follow exactly what you said as I believe I have a window of opportunity before this automatic ship that is still pending, to be processed Aug 10/17. So far all advice I have read here has not worked, and I have sent a message to the HQ, which I am now concerned will *** into a vacuous loop.


They actually told me it would take 10 - 15 days for a refund. Funny how it didn't take that long to gank my money out of my account. My suggestion would be to go to your bank and have your card changed on that acct so when they go to use it again it wont be possible.


Or just cancel the order like a grown-up.. lol


I have tried to cancel my order --- impossible or honest to goodness ridiculously difficult. (I am the poster above who reflected on how 'cheeky' the autoship feature is...) If I go in and change my credit card info to something bogus, like one I had previously, will this get their attention, or will they send me to collections? I have sent an email to them - waiting for a response.


I agree!!! The product is just ok and the customer service is terrible!

There are enough really good products out there that are less expensive that I can buy when I want and need them. PC Perks is a big joke!!!


When I receive an email that my order will be processed, I simply contact my consultant, and request that the order be delayed another month. It's that simple.

These products last three to four months, easily. They're great and since they last so long, it is not much more expensive than drug store brands.

I did the math. Using R & D cost me $25 more a month, but the results are certainly worth the price of a dinner!


Fran Duffy is the worst consultant. She thinks she is a skincare expert and just won't stop asking people to "be on her team".

What a joke. She had zero business acumen or credibility.


Well that was also the fault of your consultant. As consultants, customer service should be a top priority. I always make sure my customers are notified before hand.

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