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Update by user Jun 12, 2017

R+F has been in contact with me and i've filed a side effect with the FDA. R+F is taking this matter seriously and i've already spoken with several people whom both treated me compassionately and kindly. They are sending this matter up the chain as my goal is to put more disclaimers on this particular product.

Update by user Jun 12, 2017

Hello Everyone, I wanted to send you an update. I have been in contact with Rodan + Fields and I have to say i'm extremely impressed with the compassion and care they are taking.

I shared with them the entire diagnosis and cause of the infection. They are taking it very seriously and I'm sending them images. I also sent this side effect to the FDA so they also have a copy of this incident. Sometimes with products if people don't self report the company never knows this can happen.

I want to say that this is NOT super common. Many people have successfully used this product without the same experience I had. I've spoken with many of them. I could be straight up unlucky with a very rare side effect.

I was having remarkable positive results until week 5. I could be a 1:100,000 statistic. I don't know. The purpose of this post was to just educate anyone that if this happens to them to please don't think it's just an eye stye or to shug it off and to see a medical doctor.

I know when people have side effects they look to the web for guidance. The cause is simple: Blocking of lash pores and this can happen with any lash product. Unlucky.. perhaps...

I'm going to mark this case as resolved and wish me luck that my goal of putting this as a potential side effect on their packaging is accepted. It's looking really positive right now that this will happen. I'm not here looking for financial compensation just strictly education so consumers know if this happens that you need to go to a doctor and may need drugs like me. I don't want to scare everyone into thinking doom and gloom.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your time and consideration. I'm closing this case.

Original review posted by user Jun 10, 2017

I started a review earlier but since this turned serious I want to share. I've been using for 5 weeks.

Results were remarkable: strong lashes, full lashes, longer lashes. I'm a fan of rodan and fields I've been using soothe on and off for years it's a wonderful product. I got through through a lovely rep and contacted the 809 number yesterday. I'm getting a replacement that I will ONLY be using on my brows since I had to go to last minute doctor today.

About 3 days ago I developed what I thought was a stye so I discontinued use. Today I had to go to an ophthalmologist asap as it got out of control. Apparently I don't have a stye but a full abscess under my lid with an infection that spread to my cheek and ear. If left untreated I'd end up potentially in the ER if it spread to my brain.

My entire right face is infected and I'm on antibiotics. The doctor said he sees this with ANY lash enhancing product as the pores on the other side of your lid can get blocked. To reiterate ANY lash enhancing product can cause this reaction. My only beef is that this needs to be a warning side effect on the disclosure sheet.

My concern is people will brush this off and not take it seriously. This is a legitimate risk when you use products like these. I'm going to share my images and diagnosis with the FDA.

Just be careful ladies if you use this on your lashes ok? I'm only going to continue on eye brows.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have never had a stye in my life, and after using this product have had one after another. It only cleared up after medical attention and ceasing use of the lash enhancer.


I used R+F Lash Boost Serum for 2 months and then went through months of eye pain, grief and swelling, exactly like your photos. I had never before had a stye and was certain the serum was the culprit.

It took 3 tubes of topical antibiotic, 2 rounds of oral antibiotics and endless wet-to-dry saline soaks. It isn’t as rare as one might think, just not attributed to the correct cause.


I am currently having a severe reaction to Lash Boost. I saw theDoctor yesterday and she confirmed that the prostaglandin has blocked the ducts under the eyelid.

I have a lot of inflammation and redness and it is very sore! Ouch!

I only used it for 3 nights! So bummed but wanted to share


This exact thing happened to me!!!


No. This is common.

This same thing happened to me and so many other people. Now after all the styes, my eyelids are saggy and I have rough, dry skin on top of them.


You may want to save a copy of the Faqs for Lash Boost in case you decide to proceed with a lawsuit. Rodan and Fields do not disclose that the ingredient, isopropyl cloprostenate is a synthetic prostaglandin analog, like the active ingredient in Latisse.

The reps seem to only discuss the Biotin, Keratin and conditioning peptides. When customers ask if it is similar to Latisse, shouldn't they inform the customer about the synthetic prostaglandin analog?

If the information is not in the Faqs then the reps will not be properly trained.





This "consumer" who got a serious eye infection from using these products gives a 4.2 rating and refers to the products as AMAZING! HUH??

I don't quite understand. Can someone please help??


It is great that you contacted the FDA. That may be why Rodan and Fields is taking your case more seriously.

I think it is horrible that the consultants do not tell their customers that the ingredient, isopropyl cloprostenate is a synthetic prostaglandin analog. It can cause side effects similar to the prescription lash growth products. Here is an article that talks about how the company that makes Rapidlash got in trouble with the FDA for using isopropyl cloprostenate.

Rapidlash no longer contains the ingredient. I am surprised Rodan and Fields would use the ingredient in Lash Boost https://www.beautylish.com/a/vmauv/fda-rapid-lash


Gotta love the happy ending! And, that's always good!

We were all on the edge of our seats as BAK teetered on the edge of total exhaustion. This ordeal had her visiting multiple doctors and trying multiple prescriptions when she suffered from severe swelling and infections. She soldiered on and reported almost continuously on her travails and inconsiderate criticism for her plans to continue submitting her poor, poor body to the ravages of "the product". But, alas, after a mere 2 days she was able to reach total satisfaction in her goals to inform her fellow crusaders and hold the company accountable for earning future sisters of the possible side effects.

BAK is nothing short of AMAZING and AWESOME. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

to Anonymous #1339417

I had concern for the consumer who had these medical issues. However, these posts lead me to.

Relieve this could have been an intricate scam. First, the sheer amount of words in her posts. With an active medical emergency and affected vision, I have trouble understanding that her top priority for 2 straight days was posting to this site and then celebrating RF handling of her issue.

Does anyone believe that something this complex could be resolved that fast - especially with an MLM not known for good customer service. Any thoughts?

to Anonymous #1339634

I feel the same. The rate at which this customer has achieved medical attention, contacted the company as well as the FDA all while receiving satisfactory resolution from all of the above exceeds the level of expediency of the vast majority of customers.

And she rates the company highly, coinciding with the previous poster on a pissed consumer site to raise the rating to 2.1 seems fishy.

I'm having a hard time believing that there isn't more to the story. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the first plant.

to Anonymous #1339811

There is reason to believe that elements of this story have been fabricated. How is it that this person reached R&F so quickly and had their issue resolved when people on this site and the BBB have been fighting for weeks to get back refunds.

This is all while you are getting treated by a doctor and contacting the FDA.

I see a few inconsistencies coupled with deceitful tactics of MLM's including yours truly, R&F. Cases are still open regarding issues with products, returns, refunds, unauthorized charges and blatant lies perpetrated by "consultants".

to Anonymous Alexandria, Kentucky, United States #1345223

This is not fabricated I contacted this person and she answered questions I had regarding this product. Apparently R&F followed up with her very quickly and were very responsive because she filed with the FDA.

to Anonymous #1435760

I am amazed at the number of posts you've made...all anonymous...very obvious it is ALL YOU! you seem to have a personal vendetta against Rodan and Fields....hmmm?

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1338744

Vanity can be dangerous.


A girl I know just won her very own Lexus for selling it. It's obviously a very good product for a lot of people. Hmmm.

to Anonymous #1338748

Nobody "wins" a Lexus. If you sell enough and have several levels of downline with the right amount of sales you qualify for a monthly allotment towards a Lexus.

Great right. You go out and sign a contract to buy/lease a new Lexus. The problem is if you go 2 months where your sales no longer qualify for the monthly car allowance, the car payment is still due. That's when R&F has you.

You start to set up accounts for people and paying for product to re-qualify for the monthly allotment. I guess if you are in the .1% of consultants who actually make good money, it's not an issue. It's more likely you are in the 99.9% of consultants who don't make enough to buy a matchbox car.

BTW who calls an adult entrepreneur a "girl"? Show some respect!

to Anonymous #1338845

You're an angry little troll. Thanks for the info.

I could have done without your righteousness. (You're just so insulted that you needed to call it out- )It's someone who I grew up with.

to Anonymous #1339002

You write so clearly. Go get some education and then we can talk.

I guess it is your job to troll the trolls. Well done cupcake!

to Anonymous #1339054

"Go get some education and then we can talk" Now that is scholarly! I hope you continue to write.

Where do you "get" your education from.

Perhaps you can you complain on this site and get a refund. I'm learning an awful lot about your intelligence.

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