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Has anyone else had an allergic reaction to Soothe??? Specifically Step 2.

I've used it a couple times and it burned, but I woke up in the middle of the night with my face completely swollen!

My eyes were nearly swollen shut. Holy cow!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Soothe Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Honestly, everyone's face is different. If you guys are having a reaction it's probably your particular face type.

I use soothe to literally calm down my face and it has worked.

People think I am 19. I am 31.

to Heidi #1545571

Right....19 ....lol. Those products filled with nasty chemicals will age you faster than you can say 19


I took a while to breakout, but no 2 I felt burning. Then I removed that step and now my face around my chin and mouth are burned.

Skin is worse than before...and dry. I have used the serum and capsules.

This line is not for me and going to use my natural products which is way better. Try Consonant natural products...they are good.


I used the Redefine and my face is raging blotchy red and I have swollen sinus pouches under my eyes. Very angry skin from this product.

Most unpleasant.

Day 2 after discontinued use is still pretty bad. Using cortizone and benadryll to try to return my face to normal.


I just tried this for the first time about 10 minutes ago. I noticed a burning on step 2, which is why I'm googling it. Now my face is starting to itch ugh!


Used redefine and my eyes were very swollen when I woke up. I thought it was a cold/allergies and realized it was these face products.

I'm allergic to the entire redefine line.. including the face wash!

Terrible products and overpriced. Throw it out!


I had the same reaction a few years ago and I'm still suffering from perioral dermatitis. It won't go away.

I was using Soothe and Reverse and one day I woke up to the skin around my mouth and nose blistered and broken open. It was like my skin was burning from the inside out.


clearly don't use this anymore--but go see a real dermatologist and get the list of ingredients from the website or your consultant to see what you are allergic too.

And document/take pics if you still have hives, red or swollen and email, and include copy doctors notes when you return. Also give this information to the FDA as well as the BBB.


Yes! Just used it last night and I woke up with a swollen burning face and hives all over my body.

The step 2 soothe was the only change in my routine the last few days.

I am itching like crazy!

Glad to know I am not the only one! It is why I am on here to see if anyone had a similar reaction.

to Katie King #1391838

I just saw an allergist yesterday and he told me to stay away from products containing vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, and tocopherol acetate. I have eczema/AD and have been sufferering a long time. I got to the point where I was slathering Vit E on all the time thinking it was helping me...

to BRAT #1404291

Has stopping vitamin E helped?

to Katie King #1514058

Been reading the reviews and I too was having allergic reaction for a few weeks and did not realize that it was the reverse product line because my body was itching so I did not connect. I saw a dermatologist and she told me that it was definitely the products and to stop using immediately. I just hope that I don't develop a rash on my face.

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