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I received the Active Hydration Serum and immediately tried it. Once I put it on my face, not only did it give me a burning sensation in different spots on my face, my face became red and water was pouring off my face as if I was in a sauna.

I kept it on only for a few minutes and then washed it all off. After using this product, my face not only burned for the next few hours but my face began to break out.

I am not sure what exactly this company is selling but I have never used anything with this kind of instant reaction. I do not recommend this product

Review about: Rodan And Fields Active Hydration Serum Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No reactions here, but both the active hydration and toners feel sticky on my face. I put the toner on and after a 10 minutes my face is still sticky.

Same with the active hydration. I use very small amounts for both and have combination skin.

to RFcustomer01 #1546750

They are meant to be layered with step 3- a moisturizer. That stops the stickiness.

to Anonymous #1548967

BS...products are crap whether you layer them or not


Hi, I have eczema and sensitive skin and use this with no problem at all (small portion at night only). I think there are two things 1) you are allergic/sensitive to ingredients e.g.

hyaluronic acid 2) Only a small amount of product should be applied (you should never apply so much that it drips/runs). Get your money back for sure & seek dermatological advice about allergies/sensitivities as pharmaceutical grade serums do have these typical ingredients (whereas cosmetic grade don’t).


I had this happen as well. I’d like to figure out what ingredient is doing this. I had to get the CeraVe intense repair moisturizing eye cream to get rid of my burns.


I had a very bad experience with active hydration serum. I used it with plenty of moisturizer, a regimen along with it but all it did was cause my face to dry up in bad patches. Itchy, flaky, and it gave my skin the look of more wrinkles of how dry it was.

to Kristy #1399911

Ok so I am having this same issue and can’t get rid of the dry patches and have even been to andermatologists at this point with no fix. Did yours go away?


I had the same burning sensation. Some ran into my eyelid and eye area and I got a chemical burn that took a month to heal up completely. I was bummed.


Over $100 wasted :(

I ordered this because I'm my face stays dry and I was wanting to make t brighter and smoother. I only see cosmetic results when I put it on at night.

It makes my face shiny but the next day I shower and it's back to being dull and dry. It's actually dried t out more I have dry spot on my face now!


The same thing happened to me with hydration serum have basically a chemical burn under my eye and eyelids. I didn't put directly on there but it must have ran down. I'm in a lot of pain

to C Johnson #1355351

You need to complain to the FDA and the BBB. There are online forms to complete and they can help you get refunds or look into the product if there are enough complaints

to C Johnson Aurora, Illinois, United States #1355443

RF puts lye, aka sodium hydroxide in the lash boost! God only knows what kind of *** is in the serum and other products!!

Stay far away from this company! *** products , crappy consultants who have no skin-care knowledge( see a dermatologist if you have problematic skin!!), and dangerous chemicals!

to Anonymous Aurora, Illinois, United States #1355444

By the way, sodium hydroxide is used in oven cleaner and plastic manufacturing! These 2 founders call themselves dermatologists?!?! The FTC needs to shut them down!!

to C Johnson #1365360

Me too how'd you treat yours ? mine is taking a longtime to heal.

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