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I want to report a gross abuse from your Executive Consultant Jannecke Nielsen Friesen.As your consultant she represents your products and your philosophies and yesterday I received the following messages from your Executive director regarding my fascial structure and fascial problems.

Jannecke Nielsen Friesen: "You must have the lowest IQ of all the blasters. What a *** hater! But with your sagging face I understand that you are angry. But don't take it out on the rest of us.

Go get a facelift instead and be over it! And grow up some!!! Jannecke Nielsen Friesen: " You do know how extremely uneducated you are right? And the fact that you had to delete me off your *** group cos you couldn't respond to any of my texts other than "blah blah" and therefore a huge lack of vocabulary says it all.

Keep going hard and deep on your face woman. It's nothing you can do to save it anyway. Once a redneck always a redneck. If you could read you would see why you look the way you do now!

How you have not UNDERSTOOD instructions. But then again you don't understand the simplest things according to yourself. Get a life Julie. The hate you have for yourself is something you should deal with!

Seriously" I am going to share these messages around the web and with any and all media outlets and groups and let them know how your Executive Reps treat people with sagging skin.

I cannot believe you have such a coldhearted and cruel representative in your executive group.I would never in a million years buy your product and I will share my experience wildly.

Review about: Rodan And Fields Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Rodan and fields, Lack of service, Ethics, Facebook stalking.


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This is the EXACT reason why PyramidRandf is set up this way by the doctors: they escape accountablity and responsibily for everything and get away with all the profits!Their sales consultants are amateurs and kept ignorant for exactly that reason: #bossbabes for good reason.Randf speeds ageing of your skin.Period.


Ahhh Julie what an embarrassment you are to those of us already treated poorly by a different company, you really do need help, I once was your biggest supporter, what you show here once again is your propensity to exaggerate a situation as well as your role in it.Always the victim, you're as much a narcissist as that other woman you're battling online.

You two deserve each other.

Good luck in court, I'm sure you're unbecoming actions online are going to come back and haunt you.What a sad representative you are of women who've been damaged.


This is becoming more common lately and it should.When you speak in public, your words will always be public.

If you share information gained from your employment, or information which makes your employee look bad it is their responsibility to correct it.An employee such as this should be fired, and I applaud this report for bringing the actions into consideration.


You have a right to be upset, and should spread your message *widely* ;) I don't know who this person is, but she sure as *** shouldn't be in a job where she deals with the public. A snarky part of me would also like to comment on her appearance...which let's just say isn't putting her in a position to judge anyone.

to Anonymous Metropolitan City Of Rome, Lazio, Italy #1338185

You needs glasses. I think she is stunning!

Kundan, Jammu And Kashmir, India #1318203

If an executive skin care consultant goes out of her way to stalk you (tottally unbeknown to you) and then offers an unsolicited diagnosis diagnosis of your face...I am sorry....

but that is that is 100% relevant to her position at R&F.

If someone posts that they hate children and then apply for a job as a teacher... their prior posts are used to determine if they should be hired. This is not school girl related.

As I have said over and over... I do not know this woman. She approached me.

She diagnosed my face.I never asked for her opinion nor did I want it.

to Simon #1318241

First things first, an "executive skin care consultant" title has nothing to do with knowledge level or expertise in skin care. It's a title given to the person who recruits the most people.

to Anonymous #1324744

THANK YOU! As an esthetician, hearing them use that as a title for someone who has NO EDUCATION in skincare is downright infuriating.

to Simon Los Angeles, California, United States #1346081

How many alias do you have here, Julie?This one is hiding behind "SIMON FROM INDIA".

I guess you are the one posting most of the replies here yourself.

You sure are a piece of work.

She never did diagnosed your face. You are the one saying your face is sagging.

All she said was that she understood your anger because of it.

You are an attention seeking drama queen.

Naples, Florida, United States #1318098

Where is the screen shot of your conversation before she went off on you? One sided most likely because it shows you instigated the confrontation and puts you in the bad light.

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