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I signed up for R & F, excited to launch their products with our clients (we have about 400 so thought this would be good for revenue but also for the clients).When signing up for the websites I made a mistake on the spelling of our business - the roll out of the R & F products we had planned for memorial day and kick off to summer never happened - how can we promote a web site where our name is spelled incorrectly?

For more than 2 weeks I asked our consultant about the name change - it was adding 1 letter and the name we wanted was available - and her response to me was "she's on the phone with corporate". Exasperated I called and got the name change after about an hour - very long hold times. I also asked for a change of consultant - I cannot work with someone so ineffective and unresponsive. I submitted a grievance form and have never heard back from anyone - that's been more than 3 weeks now.

My only choice is to return everything we have purchased. If the product was great - or even good - I would possibly try to work with them but of the 5 sets we have tried among various family members and clients - no one is too crazy about them - just eh...ok. Lash boost...nothing special....zero results. We are a small business and cannot take 5 weeks to provide our customers assistance.

We'd end up with angry clients, then you're refunding money, then you've jeopardized your reputation.If there was something redeeming....product, service, price....something but at this point we are moving on to ZO - the new obaji skin care line.

Review about: Rodan And Fields Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $695.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lack of customer service, Alck of consultant knowledge.

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Rodan and Fields "Prospecting and Presenting" language scripts given to consultants.Read and see if any of this sounds familiar?

Prospecting and Presenting


It all starts with a compliment!

(Great purse!

Awesome service!!thank you for…!)

Then strike up a good conversation!(about them!) Before leaving ask, “Where are you from?” Personalize the conversation.“ Do you have a card?” “My business is expanding to city>!!In fact I’m looking for people Who would be interested in joining us. I would like to give you a call And take just a few minutes to tell you what we’re doing and who we’re Looking for. You may or may not have a personal interest, but I’m hoping You can lead me to just the right person I’d love to pick your brain” When asked: “What do you do”? “My business is called Rodan + Fields.

You may know them as the Creators of Proactiv® Solution. Their new venture is focused on aging Skin ... and this time, they are offering an opportunity for independent Business ownership.” “We just opened this market and the response has been huge. I’m Looking for people to support the expansion.

I would love to talk to you About some ideas for expanding my business there, and if you have any connections who would be interested.Can we set up a 15 minute chat?

to Ex Pose #1342571

They may need to start printing this directive in other languages since their run in the USA is almost over.They tried expanding the product line but LB seems to be a failure with poor results & some safety issues.

The good Drs will sell it off or run it into the ground and retire very rich.Well done consultants!


I am trying to understand why so many of the postings seem to be from the Rodan and Fields home office.

Either there is an employee of the company who is passing on complaints from customers or there is a high number of pissed consumers who are sitting outside their offices when posting.


I find it so interesting that the obviously supportive ppl of Rodin and Fields people are so argumentative - and yes to answer your question I did research the lash boost because that is the only product we were offering to our patients because it can be used on blue eyes as opposed to Latisse. To think I have privy to the inner workings of a Corporation that I had never previously done business with shows your ignorance - sell on R & F consultant!

to Anonymous #1341780

You spelled your business name wrong and I'm ignorant.That's rich.

I'm not a consultant.

Just a troll.hahahaha.

to Anonymous #1342405

First of all, the people you sell to are not your patients!You are not a doctor.

You are a salesperson and they are customers. Stop with overstating your position. The skin care you sell is not specific for the individual.

It's a one size fits all regiment, similar to all the others.There isn't one ingredient that makes R&F superior to its competitors.


You were so excited to use a product that you had not researched on your 400 clients.WOW.

I guess I'm glad I am not one of your clients.

What the heck kind of operation are you running?Nothing good ever comes out of dealing with unsavory companies.

to Anonymous #1341730

glad you are not as well!

to Psyche101 #1342573

Is your business going so badly that you are reaching out to MLMs for revenue growth.That is definitely a recipe for failure.

Good luck though.Stick to your knitting and be the best and watch your business AND your revenue grow

to Anonymous #1341738

Do you even understand the point of this site?People here to vent about an issue they've had with a product or company.

They are not happy. They are looking for people who have had similar experiences and can validate and maybe hope settle the issue. Why are you trolling complaint boards?

if you don't have a problem with R & F then why would you be on this site?Very fishy....and your animosity towards anyone that disagrees with you is quite transparent.

Newport Beach, California, United States #1340895

When I filed the grievance they said I would have to wait 6 months to be assigned a new consultant.

to Psyche101 #1341960

If it doesn't work, why would you want another consultant? That just doesn't make sense! Just sayin'

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