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I ordered Rodan and Fields from a friend on facebook offering a special. But when my card was charged, the full price was charged. The representative told me I would receive a reimbursement check in the mail; she detailed exactly what I would be receiving and bragged about the amazing deal her team was giving. I was upset that Imwas told one price but charged another, but fine- I thought Imwould be getting my money back. Well, three months... Read more

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They give NO training and Almost all of the 'leaders' in the organization hand no morals or values. They will purposely tell their team members to violate company policies so THEY can make money. If you disagree or call them out they will 'blacklist' you and claim that their 'trust' was violated. The sad thing is the products do work ... The company itself is horrible and promotes off label use of their products and allows use of images that are... Read more

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Rodan And Fields Reverse Beauty Set Review from Denver, Colorado
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I started using R+F at the end of this past May. I was so impressed with my personal results within (3 days), that I decided to join to get a deeper discount. I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience in this business and the condition of my skin due to these products. ****If you should be aware of anything, be aware of these things**** 1.) Every Consultant's approach is not created equal. Can you honestly tell me every... Read more

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I went ahead and gave the Reverse regimin a try and at first my skin felt softer. I used exactly as instructed for one month. I dont have sensitive skin but i started to notice gradually over time that i was blotchy and red especially on my neck. My spots hadnt changed AT ALL and then the red on my neck started to chap and eventually scab! I was so upset! I stopped using it at least on my neck and over the next few weeks it went away. When i saw... Read more

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I got roped into this with the hope that the REVERSE line would fade my melasma. I've been using for over a month and not only are my spots still visible but now I am breaking out like CRAZY! NONE of their products are working for me. The creams are clogging up my pores and making my skin feel gross.. even my make up.. which has always been able to cover up flaws looks terrible after using this stuff. Its like just sitting caked on.. I wish I... Read more

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This company makes me sad. I actually like the products but absolutely abhor the marketing technique. Here are my reasons: 1) The very nature of "Network Marketing" is to use your existing network of family and friends to build a larger network and everyone is now a potential customer. Consultants approach the world with lenses that add a dollar sign to the forehead of everyone they meet. Friends and acquaintances now see their consultant... Read more

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I used Rodan and Fields Acne treatment Sulphur wash. By using 20 days my skin gets completely dry and it creates burning sensation on my cheeks and chin. Many black spots appeared on both side of my chin. Very worst experience by using this product. Rodan and field consultants publish their fake ads on Social networking sites. I will go and file a complaint.. Very very worst experience. Please don't use and spoil your face. Don't feel bad about... Read more

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I do not care for this product please do not send me anymore I already have canceled my order and return the used bottles to your facility and I have yet to receive a credit so please credit my card for the order you just sent today and the one that I have returned so that will make two credits I've got coming thank you. Barbara Skaggs 7274323757 Read more

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It’s sad to me that so many smart women fall for this. I know I did and that’s hard to admit. I have no doubt that many women have lost friendships over this. These women were probably very beautiful inside and out before making the poor decision to “get on board”. Who wants to be the girl that when everyone sees you coming they thing “oh man….here she comes……”. What is even more sad is when a lot of these women bring God into the picture. I... Read more

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I too was roped into this MLM/pyramid scheme. Whatever you choose to acknowledge it as, please see this for what it truly is and know this is not something you should ever consider getting involved in. I have read story after story of friends pressuring friends into "joining the team .....come out of your comfort zone......get on board....join us now while we are a ground level company". I trusted the friend that I joined under. I wanted to... Read more

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