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I am so sick of these R+D non licensed sales reps harassing me. Every day now for the past 30 days I have had over 20 Rodan and Fields reps write me a note saying HOW GREAT these fckn products are! I go to a licensed MD and NP and aesthetic professionals for my skin needs and getting tired of these reps and their sales pitches! They are not licensed and every product - people are multi level paid and I am so against this ***! I am filing a... Read more

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I used Rodan and Fields reverse and ended up with severe skin dandruff and burnt skin due to too severe chemicals. I've been seeing my dermatologist and trying to fix my skin for over 8 months. The consultants have no training and just sell to make money and have no idea about what products they should recommend. I will never use any of these products again

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In spring of 2016 I attended a party of a dear friend, and new rep, and purchased several products -- and got talked into joining PC Perks. I loved all of my initial products. I also made the big mistake of agreeing to have my rep take over my account. I should have known better. I always monitor and follow up. My rep didn't. I use very little product, and asked her to remove me from PC Perks subscription account. She said she would. Then I... Read more

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Most of the negative comments on here are left by one specific individual? Is this your hobby or something, Marlton New Jersey. Guess what? You don't like the products, you don't like the business model, then you don't have to be apart of it and you don't have to spend your money on it. But there's a lot of people out there having great results and big success with R+F, so it must not be as bad or as shady as you want us all to think, huh? Read more

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I've been a consultant with R+F for over a year now and haven't experienced any of the issues people are so fired up about. I've had maybe 2 out of 50 customers choose to return products, and both of those returns went seamlessly. I've never had a bad experience, nor been told by one of my customers that they had a bad experience, while dealing with customer service. And I've yet to have friends and family block me, call me out, run the other... Read more

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Bought products,used for three months and broke out continuously. Im in my fifties. Realized I was charged 24.95 a month for their website. Called to cancel and was told to download termination print it and fax it. Don't have a printer or faxmachine,so I now have to find a place to print and fax. plus you do have to call first.

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I have been using Rodan + Fields for about 9 months now. I had friends that were selling it for years before that and I always ignored those annoying sales pitches and parties I was constantly invited to. But last year, my face broke out in horrible acne (I am in my mid 30's). I was miserable. I was determined to not use these expensive products my friends were hawking. I did not have insurance or money for a dermatologist. So I bought my... Read more

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Friends don't let friends MLM. Seriously. If the products were amazing, they would not be a MLM. Read more

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Rodan + Fields are one of the top providers of skin care products today! Pricing is comparable to many high-end regimens in stores and I found results to be more immediate than those products! I primarily use the Redefine and Soothe regimens with excellent results! And no issues with customer service either. Not sure how you can go wrong with products that are actually created and well-tested by licensed dermatologists! Read more

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I am a preferred customer and really am pleased with the products I use. My only complaint is with the packaging. Starting w/the eye cream. The label suggests keeping the thin disc that is under the lid. Fine, but couldn't a small tab be added so that the struggle to peel off the disc be eliminated? Small details. Also flip lids on the tubes of face creams. Both of these small packaging improvements would be much more user friendly. Read more

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