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It’s sad to me that so many smart women fall for this. I know I did and that’s hard to admit. I have no doubt that many women have lost friendships over this. These women were probably very beautiful inside and out before making the poor decision to “get on board”. Who wants to be the girl that when everyone sees you coming they thing “oh man….here she comes……”. What is even more sad is when a lot of these women bring God into the picture. I... Read more

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I too was roped into this MLM/pyramid scheme. Whatever you choose to acknowledge it as, please see this for what it truly is and know this is not something you should ever consider getting involved in. I have read story after story of friends pressuring friends into "joining the team .....come out of your comfort zone......get on board....join us now while we are a ground level company". I trusted the friend that I joined under. I wanted to... Read more

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I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I fell for this huge scam of a "business" hook, line and sinker. I consider myself to be an intelligent woman, having been in the health care industry for approx. 20 years. I was introduced to this business 3 years ago and thought I would give it a go as I felt it would be a fun way to make a little extra money. I am a women's health nurse practitioner and really felt like this would be a good fit for me!... Read more

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I was elated to finally find a product that I thought would do what I always wanted it to do, reverse the signs of uneven skin or fade the sunspots. Well this regimen doesn't do any of that and I have been using it for a while. Nothing has changed on my face and the same sunspot has been on my face from the very moment I started using this stuff and has not faded in any such way and it is not worth the amount of money they want you to spend on a... Read more

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After reading everyone's complaints about lack of refunds from returns with this company (R and F), I feel it's time to make our complaints to the Better Business Bureau. I had a reaction to the Regime Line and was told I could return it for a refund, that was 5 months ago and I'm still waiting for my $174. In all fairness I cleaned out my purse and threw out the tracking number from the USPS. Our post office is small and does not keep... Read more

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My close friend has been selling this stuff for more than a year. She was always serious about her skincare and has only used R&F products since she became a consultant. I went to dinner with her two nights ago and I have to say, her skin looks worse than ever! In fact, it looks worse than it did before she started using this stuff. She's in her mid-40's which is just about the time women start seeing the real affects of sun damage. Well,... Read more

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Do you get bombarded with ads and solicitations from every fortune 500 company and local business that you ever associated your phone, email, address with? Do you typically throw those businesses under the bus as well without truth and facts? R+F works! I've seen it work first hand on scars and wrinkles. People do look 10 years younger with R+F and any skin care that does the same is the same or higher cost. Celebrities use R+F. Do you buy... Read more

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I accidentally charged a customer twice for an order. I called an they would stop the order and they were extremely rude on the phone about it.When I asked to speak to someone that could make a decision i was put on hold for at least 10 minutes. A new representative came on the line and took off the charge for preferred customer but would not cancel the order. Then I was told the person receiving the order will have to pay for return shipping.... Read more

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Apparently the company in their "dare to recruit any and everyone to make more money" scheme has lowered the standards on whom they recruit. Came as a huge shock that a publicly know drunk, and someone who definitely hasn't come close to using ANY type of beauty products EVER, has become a distributor in my area. Is it normal for the company to allow just ANYONE to sell these products? I would be afraid that smelling like alcohol 24/7, would... Read more

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Ordered the $41.00 reverse sunscreen and the packaging is much smaller than I expected. It cost 59 when all said and done because of shipping, handling and taxes. Cannot justify that much in additional cost. I will go back to ordering sunscreen by ZO Medical. Can buy it directly at dr. Office and won't pay the additional almost 25 in "shipping & handling"! Never Again Read more

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